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Passion Pays: How I Turned My Side Hustle Into My Own Business

giphyAs most of my readers, friends, associates, and haters know by now – I am the spokesperson for the anti-9to5 club. Because I wear that title so proudly, it’s imperative that I work my ass off everyday. As you guys also probably know, Candice would rather receive $500 from something she created rather than $1000 from a job she hates; she knows if she can get ANYONE to spend $500 then she can get someone to spend $1000. Because guess what? I know how to hustle. At this point, the word “hustler” is just another characteristic trait that people can use when describing me. Being a hustler is not about finessing anyone or getting over on people.

tumblr_maqxomZAk01rdjqtyo1_250When I first decided that Life in a Pile would be a brand and not just a website, almost everything was free. I wrote for free. I did blog features for free. I did guest posts for free, etc. I did everything for free because I just loved doing it. I was so high on being ABLE to do it every and all day that I jumped at every opportunity to work on my craft. I also did everything for free because I had no leverage. It’s hard to convince someone what you’re capable of when you’ve never done it for someone other than bored friends and supportive-no-matter-what family members. It’s hard to convince someone that they should pay for your service when you can’t even show them how good you are at that service. I did everything for free because I knew that they’d automatically WANT to pay next time because the results didn’t LOOK like free work. People think that just because they’re offering a service they should automatically get paid for it. You have to remember that there is a certain level of trust between a business and its customers. As a new entrepreneur, it’s your job to build that trust first before anything else. 

 I don’t give a damn if you get an eviction notice or have to hide your car from the repo man, you have to trust God enough that everything will work out. That’s REAL faith. Finding a quick job at a retail store or fast food place because your business is “taking too long” to get off the ground is not real faith. You can’t turn your side hustle into a business on your own. You have to let God move how He’s going to move first then move how He want you to move after. Find your passion, do it for free, decide you want to make a living from it then have faith that God will lead the way.

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