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11 Reasons Why You Should Leave A Sagittarius Man On Read

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by a Sagittarius man. Not sure? Well, was the man whose tires you slashed born between November 23-December 21st? Right. Welcome to the party, babe! Refreshments are in the back. But let’s be honest, you’ll probably send a “happy birthday” text to make things right for the 67th time because we all have our favorite Sag. These men have the ability to make you hate that you love them. Yesterday, you were probably wishing you never met him but tomorrow he’ll be unblocked “just in case” he tries to call. You know that he won’t though because fighting for a relationship isn’t really his thing. Relationship drama interrupts his “I’m always happy” facade and throws off his “positive vibes.” Let’s not forget that he’s also the archer of the zodiac so he was already shooting at his next target the moment you ended it. But we’re not judging you! In fact, we don’t blame you for still thinking about him. He probably gave you the nastiest sex you’ve ever had and even put you in better outfits. Besides not actually wanting to commit, he was the perfect guy – to you and the four other women he told you not to worry about! I mean, that’s one reason to leave him on read but…

Here’s 11 Other Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Text Him Back

The Sag in your life is a terrible texter anyway. His mind is always elsewhere. He’s probably somewhere looking up new places to visit or learning new things about the most random topics. Tomorrow, he’ll have all the tea on everyone and everything AND be able to discuss the long-term effects of the prison system in minority communities.

No one plays head games better than a Sag man. You’ll never truly know where you stand with him. He’s the epitome of wanting to have his cake and eat it too! He wants a relationship but he also wants to be single. He wants to be a good bf to you but he also wants to do whatever he wants. A Sag man always has one foot in and one foot out and will enter and exit as much as you let him. Trey Songz, a Sagittarius man, described life with a Sag best: “I’ve been selfish, I can’t help it. Whole lotta years, whole lotta tears. Bullshit that you dealt with. But you let me and you left me. I really think that I would’ve made you my girl someday. But how foolish am I to think that you’d have to wait?”

Relationships are “too serious” for him. Sagittarius might be the only fire sign who takes things lightly. Sag men might as well be an air sign as much as they like to keep things light-hearted and fun. Mentioning a monogamous relationship makes him run for cover because, in his mind, his freedom is on the line. How old are we, Sag? Seriously, c’mon.If you want romance, try a Cancer. Sag men are way too self-centered to ever be a romantic. Sure, he’ll do a few romantic things here and there but he’ll never be a romantic. If you ask him, you should be opening HIS car door, taking HIM out to dinner, getting on one knee to propose to HIM! A Sag’s idea of romance is him blowing your back out while you hold a rose with your mouth.

He may not be romantic but he is possessive. What do you mean you’re entertaining other people even though he said he didn’t want a relationship? How could you? Now he definitely doesn’t want to be with you! No potential girlfriend of his would ever be single and talking to more than one guy. Blah blah blah blah blah. His expectations are so incredibly unrealistic. How can you be possessive of something you don’t even want? If you do decide to text him back, always remember that you’re his but he’s not yours. His heart belongs to his friends. In his world, friendship is the most important thing – more important than romance could ever be. The closest way to get to a Sag’s heart is to be his best friend because then there’s nothing that he wouldn’t do for you. But you have to be careful. He’ll become so easy to talk to that you’ll start telling him all of your secrets and he’ll use them to justify why he’ll never actually commit; OR the friendship will become so convenient that he wouldn’t dare ruin it with bf/gf titles.

In fact, friends mean so much to him that he’ll even f*ck yours. No one is off limits to a Sag man, not even the girl who’s been your best friend since 2nd grade. If she’s cute and your Sag is single, he’s going to try his luck. After all, he is single and can “live his life however he wants” (the Sag man’s motto).

Your Sag man is too busy working to notice your text. Sag men will be the first ones at the job and the last ones to leave. They really won’t have time to text you back because they’re too busy working like their lives depend on it. Honestly, the only people who see them are their closest friends and their coworkers. Everyone else? He’ll get to them when he gets to them. Yes, that includes his parents.His insecurities will ruin whatever you try to build. Sag men tend to be very insecure. The more confident he appears, the deeper his insecurities go. He’s petrified of failure and rejection so he’d rather stick to what he knows. He’d rather be a FWB than a boyfriend because what if he isn’t good at it and she leaves? Sag men know they’re handsome, smart, fashionable, etc. but a lot of them are too scared to take any real risks in any area of their lives. My advice? Try again when he’s 50 and/or established.

Sag men hold grudges. Your Sag man is still hurt because his crush from 4th grade broke his heart. He’s 29 yet he can’t date you because his gf from 9th grade cheated on him. Astrologer Danielle Ayoka also pointed out that Sag men tend to have mommy issues. These issues cause them to create a number of toxic beliefs regarding women. As a result, they only have room in their hearts for one failed relationship because it’ll “prove” that they were right about women all along. He might fall once but a Sag man will never fall as hard the second time.

Lastly, your Sag man is way too faded to hold a convo with you via text. There’s no point in texting him back because the convo won’t get much further. He’s either drunk or high out of his mind because Sag men love to “get away.” His favorite place to be is in his own little world and he’ll go there every chance he gets.

Have you ever fallen for a Sagittarius? How was your experience?

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