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Dealing With Rejection – Review


Hi readers! So it’s been a while since I’ve done a blog review but I finally came across a post that actually summed up 2015 for me. This year was by far one of the best years I’ve had but it did teach me a little something about rejection and finding the beauty in it. I was rejected in “love” and life this year and as we enter 2016, I’m starting to realize that was the best thing to ever happen to me. In Breanna’s post on, she said she used to question God’s plans for her before she learned how to reevaluate then look to Him for guidance. My problem was that I never even considered God’s plan, I simply made my own and prayed that He’d make it work.


When I drove myself and everything I owned from DC to Atlanta after graduation, I knew exactly how my life would be: I would be working at Emory University, going to school for forensic psychology, and living happily ever after with the guy I left behind when I left Atlanta the first time. Ironically, being a full time writer wasn’t a part of my plan at all. Emory University said hell no to hiring me, forensic psychology was starting to sound more and more depressing, and the guy ended up becoming veeeery jealous of me to the point he told me “I just wish I could be you for a day” and “you think too much of yourself. You’re not shit.” I was hopeful during job hunting and would tell myself, “Okay, that’s one job. Just apply somewhere else.” That “somewhere else” turned into 100 other jobs that rejected me. I was trying to be understanding with the guy and would tell myself, “okay, he’s just going through it right now” but him going through it turned into him trying to tear me down every time the universe granted him the opportunity to do so. I kept trying to hold on to him AND Emory U because I HAD A PLAN IN MY HEAD before I moved and it had to work. God immediately showed all of this man’s true colors and asked, “is this what you want?” and dared me to say yes.

When we get rejected, all we hear is no. Breanna’s post reassures us “when the answer is no, there is a better yes down the road.” Sometimes there’s a better yes down the road, but most times you’re being told no because you’re on the wrong road altogether.

 I kept getting rejected because those jobs had nothing to do with my destiny. Every single writing opportunity I went after or created, I was told yes. It’s crazy to me because had I gotten a job, I wouldn’t have been able to chase my dreams and my boss would’ve basically been paying me to forget about my purpose because I wouldn’t have had time to work on it anyway. Like Breanna, I used to take rejection very personal but today I’m 100% content with the fact that my plans just ain’t as popping! God is like, “that’s it? that’s all you aiming for?” I didn’t get rejected because I wasn’t qualified or I wasn’t a good woman, I got rejected because neither that job nor that man was good enough for ME. Rejection doesn’t always occur because you were unprepared for it, sometimes you get rejected because it wasn’t prepared for YOU.

I gave up on the 9-5 hunt and today I’m an Elite Daily and xoNecole contributor, interviewed Kash Doll, got asked to do a tour with Madison Jaye, scheduled an upcoming interview with Jamilah Lemieux, planning a Life in a Pile college tour, etc. I accomplished all of these things in the last 60 days but I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any of them had I not been rejected, or should I say…redirected to the plan I should’ve been following all along?

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