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Tune In Tuesdays: How Do You Get Back In Tune With Who You Are?

Welcome back to Tune In Tuesdays! Please have pen and paper ready for the short exercise below.


Write 5 things that help you get back in tune with who you are.


Talking to someone who loves me.


Remembering my goals.

Taking alone time.

These are the 5 main ways I get back in tune with who I am when I am not feeling like myself. 

Next to each thing, write (a) how it helps (b) how it ties into your core. 


Prayer: (a) helps by giving me peace of mind and clarity (b) faith is apart of my core; therefore, my faith is renewed when I pray.

***Interviewees from video:

Tyrone Hankerson, male blogger (

Jordan Pitts, male blogger (

Michael Aristotle, rap artist (East Chain Records)

Adric Samuel, clothing designer (Huda Guru)

Talitha Hailey, female blogger (

B. Hubbard (Life in a Pile reader)

S. Hunter (Life in a Pile reader)

C. Knight (Life in a Pile reader)

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