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Sex Tips For Young People, From Old People – Review


With anything in life, everyone knows that you have to listen to and respect the OGs. The OGs are the ones who’ve been where you’re trying to go, who’ve gotten through what you’re trying to overcome, who’ve experienced things that you probably won’t experience until years from now, etc. Most importantly, they’re the ones who paved the way for you and acquired all the wisdom and gems that’ll make your path a little easier. In this case, however, they’re just the ones who’ve had way more sex than you.

According to Yasmin Jeffrey and Salm Haidrani’s piece on Vice, they also have a few tips that you could and probably should use to make the most of your sex life. From staying protected to being patient with your partner to having as much sex as you can, these four old men and women have lived it, learned it, and are now passing it down to us.

Here are a few things older people suggest all young people do in their sex lives:

1. Go out and have a lot of sex.

2. Practice and master masturbation.

3. Love and explore your body.

4. Try sex with the same gender at least once.

5. Try bondage games.

6. Porn isn’t real; therefore, your partner will not be a pornstar. Take your time with your partner and don’t be an asshole.

7. Use protection or birth control.

8. Don’t continue if you don’t enjoy it.

9. Don’t ditch your friends for anyone.

10. Don’t rush in just for physical attraction; think about the consequences.

11. Enjoy a good sex life without making it the only headline in a relationship.

To sum it all up, love yourself and your body, have sex often, and don’t let it make you stupid.

To read Yasmin and Salm’s piece on Vice, click here!

 Have you ever received tips from older people about sex? What were they?

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