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Why Millennials Aren’t F*cking – Review


When people think of millennials, the first words that probably come to mind are “liberals,” “rebellious,” “know-it-alls,” “equality,” “change,” and other shit that basically tells everyone we’re the generation of wanderers who question everything and don’t take “no” for an answer. If you think about it, that’s a lot of damn responsibility. To spend your days thinking of ways to change the world, make it a better place, and expand the minds of older generations is pretty time consuming. Not to mention, our phones are glued to our hands because if we look away for two seconds, we just might miss how a black girl just sprinkled her black girl magic everywhere and made history, or how it’s time to prepare for a protest because a video of the police killing someone who was unarmed just hit the timeline again and no one is doing anything about it, OR the entire timeline is watching a new episode or awards show on tv and live tweeting like one big family. When you think about it, duh we’re not having as much sex as older generations – WE DON’T HAVE THE TIME. However, according to Dave Simpson’s piece on Vice, that isn’t the only reason we’re not having sex. In fact, I listed that reason because he didn’t mention it at all.

According to Dave’s post, a few things come before sex in a millennial’s life because of the following:

1. We’re not as judgmental as older generations when it comes to sex; we don’t judge you when you do and we don’t judge you when you don’t. When no one is making you feel bad about NOT fucking, you’re in no rush to do anything sexual that you didn’t really want to do anyway.

2. We are so scared of commitment that even casual sex seems like too much of a commitment. Not to mention, most of us can’t separate feelings from casual sex so we avoid it altogether so no one gets confused. We fail miserably with the whole “just sex” thing.

3. Our anxiety and depression levels are a lot higher than older generations; therefore, we take more antidepressants and stimulants than them as well, which can lower our sex drives. Besides, no one who’s anxious all the time or thinking of ways to leave this place is getting horny that often.

4. A lot of millennials still live with their parent(s)/guardian(s). It’s a little disrespectful to be a hoe in your parents’ house.

5. You’re probably reading this with a porn site opened on another tab because even the free porn is easy to get to. Why go through the whole possible rejection, getting to know someone, courting, etc. phase when you can get the same result in 10 minutes? I just told you we’re scared of commitment so yes, both will lead to what we really wanted.

6. Performance pressure. I mentioned that porn is one click away, right? The pressure sounds a little like, “you better perform like a pornstar in bed or else you will be talked about in the group chat” so some people don’t even bother.

All of Dave’s reasons are based on research and advice from professionals so they’re pretty legit. However, take it from a millennial – we just simply don’t have the same amount of time on our hands.

To read Dave’s post, “Why Millennials Aren’t Fucking” on Vice, click here! [Recommend]

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