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4 Things Every Girl Should Bring On A Baecation


For those who don’t know and/or have never been on one, baecations are simply vacations with bae but with a few guidelines: traveling TO your bae? Not a baecation. Your bae traveling to you? Not a baecation. Traveling with your friends who you sometimes call bae? Still just a girls’ trip. A baecation is when you and your significant other sit down and plan to go on a trip to a place that will require both of you to travel. Whether it’s a 3-day cruise, random place you chose in the U.S, or a week long trip out of the country, baecations are super fucking fun and adorable – especially when the place is brand new to the both of you. However, because a baecation isn’t just any ole vacation, there are certain things you’d have to bring that you wouldn’t need on a “regular” trip. Here’s what every girl should bring when traveling with her boo:

If you wear them, bring all new panties

Before you go on your trip, you’ll need to buy all new, sexy panties that your boyfriend has never seen before with the bras to match. Choose a few that are his favorite color and some that you love as well. Make sure the panties are sexy and maybe even see-through, but not uncomfortable.

A gift for baé

Whether the trip is for a special occasion or not, you want to bring a small gift that will a) say thank you for still being by your side and/or putting up with your sometimes-crazy ass and b) act as a reminder of the time you two spent together on the trip.

Comfortable shoes

I know you want to be sexy everyday while you’re with your boo but everything that’s fun isn’t going to allow you to be. Get the most out of your baecation by bringing comfortable shoes just in case you guys start feeling adventurous while you’re there.


Usually on baécations, boyfriends do most of the spending. He will take care of dinner, activities, transportation, buy the stuff you liked in the store, etc. Although you should expect this, have enough money to be able to treat sometimes as well and just in case you find yourself in a situation where something is wrong with his funds but he’s not at fault.

Although these are baecation-exclusives, don’t forget to bring everything you would normally bring on a trip. Don’t get so caught up in your sexy panties that you forget to bring your headscarf for a hairstyle that you just got done! Enjoy your trip.

What’s usually in your suitcase when you’re going on a baecation?

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