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7 Things You Need To Know About The Virgo Man In Your Life

Before you got here, you probably already knew the basics: Virgos are analytical and often aim for perfection. Depending on who you got your information from, they also probably told you that men of this Earth sign are assholes. “They’re crazy and controlling!” Sound familiar? I bet! Now, as a fellow Earth sign, I wouldn’t say they’re crazy or controlling but I could see how their need for perfection could drive the average person nuts! However, with a heart and dick made of gold, becoming a Virgo man’s project (aka spouse) isn’t so bad. But now that the basics are out of the way,

Let’s get to 7 other things you need to know about Virgo men:

Virgo men are naturally good at fixing sh*t.

Whether it’s a leak or a heart, a Virgo man will be the first to run over and fix it. This man will outwork anyone – at work and on your roster. If you attracted a Virgo, you probably needed saving in some area. But hey, who doesn’t, right? Virgo men take pride in “fixing” people. All of their exes will be a love story about how Virgo transformed them into the people they were meant to be all along. It will probably end with how all of his exes are the great people they are today because of the things he did for them. The funny part is that he’ll be 100% right! Remember when I said you’ll become Virgo’s project? He’ll keep working on you and working on you until he deems you a masterpiece or a lost cause. Most people mistake this for being controlling, which hurts Virgo’s feelings. In his eyes, he’s only trying to help you become the best version of yourself.

Your biggest supporter will be a Virgo man.

Never tell a Virgo man your dreams unless you want them to come true. Once you tell him, get ready to work because you’ve got yourself a new accountability partner! He’ll be whatever you need when you need it. Need a photographer for your event? He’ll study photography for weeks to be able to get the job done. Need a date to a red carpet event? He’ll make sure both of you are the best dressed in the room. Forgot your lines? He’ll come up with a way to help you remember them before your audition. Very few are more dependable than the Virgo man.

He takes everything literally.

Be careful with your words. To Virgo, “I never want to see you again” actually means you never want to see him again. I actually had a Virgo man tell me, “Say what you mean and mean what you say. Why would you say it if you didn’t mean it?” I kept the lesson but left his ass. He cheated on me with the mother of his child, which brings me to my next point.

He’s a Virghoe unless you’re the one.

My ex and I dated for less than a year. I wasn’t interested in being his project because, in my opinion, his shit wasn’t too much together either! With that being said, we weren’t 100% sure about each other and his doubt manifested into infidelity. Virgo will cheat simply because he’s still searching for the perfect soulmate. Why should he let a little commitment (or lack thereof) get in the way of him finding his special someone? Virgos can be shitty when in doubt but once he’s 100% sure about you, he’ll be devoted. He’ll cherish you. He’ll love you like something out of a movie and he’ll honor you and the relationship. Most people don’t know these sides of Virgo because he’s also very private. But Virgo or not, don’t let a man play you. Life in a Pile taught you better than to settle for a f*ckboy!

Need anything? A Virgo man will give you his.

Want your own? That ain’t no problem! The point is Virgo men are very generous. From my ex to my current bf to all of my male best friends, Virgo men are honestly the most generous people that I know. I’ve never met a Virgo that gave with the intent to receive something in return. I’ve never met one whom you have to ask more than once. I’ve never met one who made it a big deal that you were asking for something in the first place. Virgo men are simply wired to be givers. However, the catch is usually that they prefer to help people who at least try to help themselves.

A Virgo man already knows.

No, he’s not psychic. He’s just naturally inquisitive and a problem solver. Whatever part of yourself that you think you’re hiding from Virgo, he’s already figured it out. He’s just waiting for you to be comfortable enough to reveal it to him. What are you afraid of? Show him everything you’re made of. He’ll fall head over heels that his project comes with so many things that need “fixing.” Oh, and to be clear, fixing could mean anything from nurturing, guiding, or adjusting. Very rarely does it mean completely changing.

For Virgo to be represented by the Virgin, they sure are good at sex.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Virgo studied sex like a school subject. Between studying sex and studying his partner, sex with a Virgo man is damn near perfect. Sensual like any other Earth sign, expect nothing less than pleasure and satisfaction. If you’ve never had sex with a Virgo, add it to your sex bucket list.

Let’s sum this up:

A Virgo man will love you how every single person who has ever watched a romantic movie wants to be loved – unconditionally, unapologetically, aloud, and in a raw but beautiful way. He’ll analyze you to figure out what you need before you even realize you need it. He’ll support your wildest dreams and give you the best sex you’ve ever had. Unless, I mean, he’s decided that you’re not his perfect soulmate. Then he’ll be everything you need and everything she needs too.

Thanks for reading.

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