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Top 8 Ways To Tell She Wants The D – Review

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So I headed to recently and read, Top 8 Ways To Tell She Wants The D and thought I’d do a review and add my 2 cents. Steph says there’s 8 ways to tell when a woman wants to have sex with a guy:

  1. She laughs at all of his corny jokes.
  2. She starts to show interest in his hobbies.
  3. She makes subtle freaky jokes.
  4. She wants to hang out all of the time.
  5. She stays on the phone with him all night.
  6. She always wants to touch him.
  7. She compliments him.
  8. and the most obvious – She tells him, “I want the D.”

The thing with this list is that it only caters to girls who tend to like the guy they want the D from. It doesn’t take into account that some girls really ONLY want the D. If a girl only wants sex, she skips 1-7 and gets straight to #8. She doesn’t care about his hobbies, his lame ass jokes, or caking on the phone. These are the women I mentioned in my post, Can I Get An Uhh…#69 Please? (Read here). This list is especially funny to me because when you look up something like, ‘how do you know when a Taurus woman likes you?” 6/8 of these signs will be listed. See? It’s like I automatically want the D if I like you. Sheesh, you lusty Taurus you! Number one on this list won’t be listed because I’m actually funny and I love guys with a sense of humor. In other words, I’m not laughing at your corny ass jokes. You better find your funny! Number eight on this list won’t be listed because I’m too shy for that. Unless I’m filled with liquid courage, I’ll send you every hint in the world before I just come out and say, “I want the D.” I’ll show interest in your hobbies. You like football? I’m asking you to explain it to me because all I know is they make touchdowns instead of layups. I’ll always be touching you, complimenting you. Hell, in my head? you’re about to be my boyfriend. Might as well get comfortable. *kicks feet up*

BUT if you are currently under the spell of a beautiful man eater who only wants the D, here’s the 8 signs you should really be looking for:

  1. She approached you.
  2. You sent the first text and she didn’t text back.
  3. She decides when you all talk and do not talk.
  4. She’s never had a real conversation with you.
  5. She’s very independent.
  6. She compliments a specific body part whenever she lets you see her.
  7. She doesn’t let you know much about her life.
  8. She says, “I want the D.”

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