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True Life: I’m In a Long Distance Relationship – Review

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Next stop,! Let me just quickly add that I love the title of her blog because it’s such a good play on words. So anyway, I came across her post, True Life: I’m In a Long Distance Relationship and decided that this would be the post I do her blog review on because if you have a college degree then 9.5/10 you’ve been in a long distance relationship. People always swear up and down what they “could never do” when it comes to relationships…until they’re doing it and telling us “but this is different. I love him/her.” Like Lydia said, a long distance relationship is definitely one of the things the old wise man was talking about when he came up with “don’t knock it until you try it.” I never thought I’d even consider one yet the only man I’ve ever truly loved was someone I was loving miles away.

The thing I actually love about long distance relationships is that they take a lot of pressure off. You’re focused solely on who that person is. All of the extra things aren’t in arms reach so all you have to work with is who the person is and how he/she makes you feel.

Although long distance relationships are an understudied topic, Lydia was still able to give us a few facts. One FACT that stood out to me the most was that long-distance partners who see each other less frequently idealize each other more. Maybe that puts the icing on the cake as to why I loved his ass so much! We were young. Who had money for frequent flights? Not us! We had to wait until a holiday or spring break. It didn’t bother us. The reason I don’t have many friends from college now is because I was locked up in my dorm room on OoVoo/Skype with him while everyone else was going out and meeting new people. Everyone, including his parents, would tell us we’re way too into each other. Again, it didn’t bother us. Granted, I’ve known him since I was 11 because we went to the same schools; I didn’t meet him online or anything but our relationship didn’t begin until my mom and siblings passed and I was headed to Howard U.

Which brings me to the thing I actually hate about long distance relationships. YOU CANT COME RUNNING WHEN I NEED YOU. I’m so glad Lydia listed this as one of the cons because this was so big for me during such a hard time. I had just lost my family, was on my own out of state for college and my boyfriend was in an entire different state. (Sheesh, how did I make it through? On time at that!) I can only imagine the pressure that was placed on him as well because I was either always angry or just needy as hell. But because we grew to know each other so well, it rarely bothered him because he knew how I was and how to love me during those times, which is very important in any type of relationship.

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If you’re in a long distance relationship, I know it’s irritating, annoying, and takes a lot of patience but there’s a reason you’re willing to still love that person so many miles away. If no one else in the world makes you feel the same way, fight for it. If you feel drained and it’s making you unhappy, get your ass out of the house and find someone in your own city.

To read the original post, click here.

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