Tune In Tuesdays

Tune In Tuesdays: How Do You Get Back In Tune With Who You Are?

Welcome back to Tune In Tuesdays! Please have pen and paper ready for the short exercise below.


Write 5 things that help you get back in tune with who you are.


Talking to someone who loves me.


Remembering my goals.

Taking alone time.

These are the 5 main ways I get back in tune with who I am when I am not feeling like myself. 

Next to each thing, write (a) how it helps (b) how it ties into your core. 


Prayer: (a) helps by giving me peace of mind and clarity (b) faith is apart of my core; therefore, my faith is renewed when I pray.

***Interviewees from video:

Tyrone Hankerson, male blogger (happeningsbyhank.com)

Jordan Pitts, male blogger (sundayswithjordan.com)

Michael Aristotle, rap artist (East Chain Records)

Adric Samuel, clothing designer (Huda Guru)

Talitha Hailey, female blogger (whatwouldtekewear.weebly.com)

B. Hubbard (Life in a Pile reader)

S. Hunter (Life in a Pile reader)

C. Knight (Life in a Pile reader)

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