Twitpic It Or You’re Lying

1twitpicIt seems like any time you decide to get on these social networks, you have two choices: Twitpic it & prove it or shut your lying ass up. Everyone tweets, “Idgaf about nobody’s opinion” “only God can judge me” “You not paying my bills or tuition, fuck how you feel” yet still feel the need to prove themselves to those same exact people that’s not putting any money in their pockets. If you don’t put your boyfriend on IG, you dont have one. If you don’t take a pic of your steering wheel, you not really driving what you say you are.  The only person you should be worried about knowing that you got shit is the one that helped you pay for it & that’s only to let them know everything went smoothly.


With everyday of the week being a day you’re supposed to advertise your relationship, it’s kind of hard to keep your relationship to yourself. Man Crush Monday, Thank God She’s Mine Tuesday, Woman Crush Wednesday, That Nigga Been Mine Thursday, Found My Soulmate Friday. According to IG, if he’s not making you his WCW every week he’s a cheating ass nigga with 3 babies on the way that you don’t know about. WRONG. Honestly, this shit has caused insecurity levels to shoot through the roof. I must say, girls are bad at this. We see a pic of a relationship goal and suddenly feel like our dude aint on his job. Some text their boo like, “why you can’t be more like him?” He’s thinking “I just gave you a booty rub and Checkers fries yesterday because I know that’s your favorite. Now you tripping cause you saw a pic?” whole time the nigga in the picture cheated on her and he was only being cute to win her back.

lifeinapile8The ironic part about putting money on IG is that is shows you dont have any. Im that follower that will count how much you holding, shake my head & call you a brokey. & I’m sure I’m not the only one. Because honestly, unless you’re a drug dealer, people with real money have real bank accounts. The first thing that comes to mind when I see money pics is not, “damn, they got moneyyyyyy” it’s “damn look at all those ones under that 50.” then I assume you’re a scammer and you want to know who I bank with. Certain shit is just corny and you look like you never got attention when you was little. The other day, I was on IG and saw a video of someone taking their shoes out of the oven – oven mit and all. Because they were “heat” I suppose. See how far y’all go with the shit? The fucking oven? really? Doing shit like that is equivalent to sending a random dick pic. FOH with the bullshit witcho corny ass.


Nothing worst than the instaflex. Niggas done got creative. Standing in front of other people’s cars, wearing other people’s clothes, borrowing other people’s weave. Like, people really stopped caring that people who know them in real life follow them. Y’all just don’t give a fuck that people have known you since middle school and know your mattress always on the floor. Y’all don’t care that your homeboy had on the same shirt 7 weeks ago that you got on talking about, “this fly shit aint on me, it’s in me.” Y’all dont care that people know your boyfriend cheats on your with your cousin & you talking about “been about you and Im still about you” under his pic for Man Crush Monday. I mean, I’m always for people doing them, I just ask that you be real with everyone. Including yourself. But then again, where the hell is Kermit?


 Everyone wants everyone to mind their own business but only those that dont feel the need to share their business with the world should have that privilege. Everyone shares things, of course. But the constant food pics, shopping bags, closet pics, off guard pics of someone else man so no one can tell who it is. DEAD ITTTTT. Certain things lose its value when shared with everyone else. I’m not putting up twerk videos because only a person I choose to sleep with has earned the chance to see how nice my ass looks without pants on. I’m not putting up every shoe I have because y’all will see the shit when you see me. I’m not putting up every plate because the food gonna be cold by the time I finally get a good pic anyway. I’m not putting up a pic of my boyfriend because….well I dont have one and I dont need the guy I like thinking I do. lol  Bottom line, stop thinking everyone will think you’re lying if you dont twitpic it to prove it. Keep certain things to yourself or prepare to share it…even with those that aren’t happy for you.


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