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The 10 Types Of Friends You’ll Have When You Get High With Them

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what it’s like to not have a cannabis-friendly crew. Seeing as though I was born on 4/20, I don’t think the Universe gave me much of a choice. I have two separate circle of friends and both of them are made up of various versions of stoner personalities. From the storyteller to the chef, I’ve lost count of the number of memories we’ve made laughing until we can’t breathe or making meals we wouldn’t dare eat sober. Weed brings out different things in different people. One friend could be dead silent in the session while the other won’t shut up about the meaning of life and other random things. If most of your friendships are 420-friendly,

Here’s the 10 different types of friends you have:

The designated blunt-roller and/or saver

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of people who smoke weed wouldn’t be able to save their own life if they had to roll a blunt to do it. With that being said, every gang has a designated blunt roller – or saver – just in case one of the non-rollers was feeling ambitious that day.

The one who doesn’t contribute anything to the convo except, “I’m high AF”

This friend probably doesn’t smoke as often as the rest of the crew so when this person gets high, he/she gets HIGH high. They’ll be aight, just make sure they have water.

The storyteller/one who’s doing most of the talking

This friend easily becomes Soulja Boy with the storytelling. The stories are cool but we really don’t have to figure out the meaning of life or why any and everything exists, friend.

The one who doesn’t pull off until we weigh the weed ourselves

This friend owns a scale and hasn’t trusted the plug since that one time he sold ’em a 3.5 that was anything but that.

The one who is completely silent/didn’t hear a word you said

Ah, I feel seen. Just because I looked you dead in your face doesn’t mean I heard what you said. If I say, “wait, what?” don’t get offended. Just leave me in my own little world – population: 1.

The one-hit smoker

This friend only hits the blunt once because they either a) get drug-tested randomly or b) they don’t like how weed makes them feel. But they’ll hit it once just to kick it with the crew for a little while.

The one who’s always trying to get you to do an edible

We like regular highs, friend. Not the wake-up-and-still-high kinda highs. I mean, unless it’s like someone’s birthday or graduation or a today-was-shitty occasion.

The one who NEVER buys weed

Granted, this friend is usually the designated rello-buyer but if they’re smoking, please believe that’s not weed they bought or put in on. But that’s our mans, right? We don’t even trip.

The one who’s always “about to stop” smoking

And they receive the same response every session: “that’s wassup.”

My personal favorite: The one who cooks for the crew

This is the friend who cures everyone’s munchies. You probably only have butter, apples and flour in the crib but somehow, your high friend was able to make a whole meal (true story). But of course we regretted it the next morning. Don’t ever trust your tastebuds when you’re high.

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