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What It Means When You Like A Girl So Much You Don’t Want To F*ck Her – Review


Finally! A blog review for a post written by a male blogger. As a woman who blogs, I like to read male perspectives from time to time. Realistically, I can tell you what I’ve learned about men but I don’t have all of the answers. For example, I know men love sex but I never knew men could like a girl so much that he doesn’t want to “taint” her by doing the one thing he loves.

When I read this post, my first thought was: “Omg, is this why he won’t have sex with me? So his d*ck isn’t broken?!” Believe it or not, girls feel insecure when guys they like don’t try to have sex with them (just so she can turn him down, might I add). I probably just broke girl code by telling you all this, but let’s be real for a moment. Girls, especially the ones who society has deemed as “wifey material” starts trying to figure out what’s wrong with them (or him) when he doesn’t try her. She goes down a list of what makes her “different” from most girls and tries to figure out why none of those things are sexy enough to make him want to have sex with her. If you’re wondering why the man who spends so much time with you doesn’t try you, it’s not because you don’t look like Lira when you’re naked…it’s because you have more to offer than your body and he’s more interested in finding out what it is.

In Kevin Schlittenhardt post, What It Means When You Like A Girl So Much You Don’t Want To F*ck Her, he gives us three reasons why the guy you’ve had sex with in your head 247 times isn’t having sex with you in real life:

  1. He doesn’t want to taint you: he has filthy thoughts in his head about other woman but the sexiest thing he can think of doing to you is laying next to you and giving you forehead kisses while you sleep.
  2. He sees you as wifey material: Of course he wants to have sex with you but how smart and funny you are will come to mind before an image of you face down, ass up will.
  3. He wants to take it slow and exercise caution: “maybe, just maybe this will actually go somewhere. Maybe I should take this slow and really get to know her.” – guy who doesn’t want to f*ck you…yet.

What you don’t want to hear:

Now, I’ve noticed that women like to find every possible thing that will justify a man’s actions. If he doesn’t show interest at all, don’t use this post to trick yourself into believing he thinks you’re just super amazing and doesn’t want to mess it up. If he rarely responds to your texts or spend time with you, it’s not because he likes you so much that he wants to take it slow and exercise caution, ladies. However, if you’re doing everything except having sex with each other then 9.5/10 Kevin just gave you a few reasons why. You can stop wondering if he’s gay now and start appreciating the fact that he saw you were worth it without you having to explain that to him.

To read the original post (highly recommend), click here!

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