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What’s New: Childish Gambino’s “Atlanta” Just Broke A FX Record


Bye, bye Inside Amy Schumer. Hello, Atlanta! Apparently, September 6th was simply the day that would begin history in the making. Childish Gambino’s show, Atlanta, became the biggest cable comedy debut since 2013. According to the ratings on Metacritic, everyone loves a show about trying to make it as an up and coming rapper in Atlanta because it earned a Metascore of 90. With 3 million viewers during the season premiere, 1.9 million falling between the ages of 18-49, it’s no surprise that Childish Gambino and his show are hot topics right now. Most critics are saying that the show is unique because it has a “real focus on character” and it’s “authentic.” Let’s not forget that it’s actually laugh-out-loud material. You didn’t forget that Childish Gambino was also a comedian in real life, did you? From writing for 30 Rock to starring in Community to doing stand-up, Donald Glover is no stranger to comedy…or show business. Need a laugh? Watch one of his stand-ups here!

Congratulations on your success, Childish Gambino!

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