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16 Work-From-Home Jobs That Let You Set Your Own Schedule – Review


Although working from home is not as glamorous as it sounds, I’d still choose it over anything else. All I’d have to think about is how it doesn’t require pants or how I can have as many lunch breaks as I want. If you’re like me and need something flexible to maintain your sanity, Dana Sitar’s post on The Penny Hoarder lists 16 jobs that doesn’t demand much besides a little time and a lot of internet.

Below are 16 jobs that let you set your own schedule:

1. QuickThoughts: If you’re into spying on people and businesses then QuickThoughts is an app that has your name all over it. You’ll get paid to take surveys and complete “missions” that’ll require you to report things like customer service and seasonal displays.

2. Rent-A-Friend: This is a work-from-home job that I actually signed up for a few days ago. Basically, people will pay you to do things like go to concerts with them, give them a tour of the city, go to various events, etc. You can charge anything from $10-$50/hr on Rent-A-Friend but you can choose to waive your fee if they pay for things like transportation, concert tickets, food, etc. Because I’m a journalist and photographer, I figured I’d knock two birds out with one stone – know about all of the events going on in my city while getting paid to go. Wish me luck!

3. Ipsos Panel: Because Ipsos Panel is an opinion and market-research firm, you’ll get paid to share your opinions about this year’s election.

4. Quicktate: Are you interested in being a transcriptionist? Quicktate is hiring and all you have to do is pass a skills test.

5. Swagbucks Video: You’ll get paid to watch videos, simple. Whether you’re laying in bed or sitting in the bathtub, time is money with Swagbucks!


6. K12, Inc.: If you want to teach but need a position that gives you a little more leg room than the average teacher, K12 is an online educational resource for K-12 students and offers its teachers the same workplace benefits but with a more flexible schedule.

7. Bookkeeper Business Academy: $60/hr, little to no experience needed, and all you’re doing is helping business owners keep their shit together on a daily basis. Hell, I might need you myself but Bookkeeper Business Academy is the one paying $60/hr.

8. Alorica At Home: You can now do customer service jobs at home with Alorica At Home.

9. iQor: You don’t need an interview or even an actual call center to get a call center position with iQor.

10. Amazon: There are three different ways to make money from home on Amazon. You can choose to resell items, publish a book, or sign up for Mechanical Turk. 

11. If you’re a freelance writer with a great turnaround time when it comes to publishing posts then you should write for All you need is a knack for teaching people about various topics.

Have you ever worked from home? What was your job?

For more jobs and details of the jobs listed, read Dana’s post here!

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