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Yikes: 4 Reasons You’re Wifey Material But Don’t Get Wifed

FullSizeRender-8Every woman considers herself a catch; point out one who doesn’t think it’s the man’s loss if the relationship goes sour. However, you may be the woman that never even get the relationship for it to go sour in the first place yet you still consider yourself the prize, right? Have you ever wondered why no one wants to claim that prize? What is it about you that guys want no real parts of right now? These questions may sound harsh but it’s time to have a sit down with yourself and be honest. After a while, it’s not that he’s not shit or that you’re not wifey material. It’s about realizing that there are things about you that outweigh the fact you know how to cook, clean, and make little kids fall in love with you.

You’re not as different as you think. 

You do things where you might as well yell, “hey, look at me! See how different I am?” & the guy you’re doing it for actually probably never seen anyone more basic. You go out of your way to make it known that you have a job, degree, own place, etc. and think that makes you the best catch. Guys will wife a woman without a degree if she brought something extraordinary to the table. Doing things you’re supposed to be doing at your age isn’t being different, it’s being mature. Be the girl with the job, degree, own place, car, and bomb ass personality because that’s something that he won’t come across everyday.

You think being a homebody is what makes you a “good” girl. 

There’s nothing sexy or exciting about a guy asking you what you like to do and your response is, “I’m a homebody. All I do is read and watch movies on Netflix.” Bihhhhhh, that aint making nobody’s dick hard. I mean, let’s be honest. Maybe you’re not trying to make his dick hard but you are trying to give him a real reason to stay interested in you. Being a homebody is just you telling him you don’t have a life and you’re going to be needy and clingy as hell because eventually your life will revolve around him. “She’s so boring, that turns me on.” – said no guy ever. Most of the time, you’re not even that boring or you don’t even WANT to be that boring – you’re just scared that anything else might come off as anything but wifey material.

You’re too emotional, too fast. 

You’re not in a relationship yet every wrong thing he does causes you to be in your feelings. You blow his phone up when your iMessage has been left on read for 4 minutes. You double text him when he didn’t read it at all. You answer the phone with an attitude if his first time calling you was after 4pm. You leave heart eyes and shit you could’ve texted him under the pic he put up of you guys on IG to make it known that you guys are talking. You constantly bring up his ex because you go through his likes and see that she’s still liking his pictures. Again…you’re not in a relationship. The things you shouldn’t even be sweating causes you to show your crazy side. Granted, not being in a relationship doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care; however, it does mean that you should never let him see you sweating the little shit early because you shouldn’t even be showing him that you’re in that deep without a commitment. Guys don’t care how good the vagina is; if it’s stressful vagina then it becomes temporary or every now and then vagina. There will be no commitment because he doesn’t want to deal with the stress on a daily basis.

You’re always announcing you’re wifey material. 

Bentleys don’t have commercials because no one needs to be reminded that they’re worth having. A man doesn’t need you to announce that you’re wifey material if you’re really “wifey material”; he noticed the first day and was sure by the third. Here’s a secret: announcing that you’re wifey material makes you look lonely and desperate.  It says, “pick me! pick me! I haven’t been picked in years” & everyone knows guys go after the ones who have options, thanks to their need for a challenge. If you’re announcing your credentials all the time, he knows no one else is really checking for you so why should he?

If you consider yourself “wifey material” and you’re wondering why the “hoes” get relationships faster than you do, it’s because a real man doesn’t really care what it means to be wifey material or a hoe. He cares that you are unapologetically YOU. That you know how to be cool and not immature, petty, or too emotional for no reason. Oh, and coming off as boring as hell doesn’t make him think that you have more morals than the next woman; it just simply means you’re boring as hell and who the fuck wants a Boring Betty? You already have the qualities of being a good wife or gf. Now all you have to do is be honest with yourself and work on the things that might make him hesitant to wife you. Because in all honesty, you wouldn’t even want to commit to a guy who has the same issues that stopping you from being in a relationship.

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