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You Can’t Sit With Us: The 7 Types Of Friends Found In Every Girl Squad

Whenever it’s time to turn up, you know who you are calling. Your crew has your back and has been there for you through thick and thin. You love each and every one of your friends in different ways because they all bring something different to your table and bring out different sides of you. Recognize any of these types of friends in your circle?

buying-skirtThe Loud Friend

This friend can’t seem to ever use her inside voice. You know to never answer her calls when you with your boo or she will dish out all of your business. This is the friend with the craziest laugh you ever heard in your life, but you still love her because even though she can be wild, she’s always down to ride with and for you. 

The Pretty Friend

You secretly hate going out with her while single because it seems all the guys gravitate to her. She is super sweet, but not afraid to put you in your place if need be. She seems to always have the freshest gear. You can’t help but to borrow a couple tops or dresses from her. You love her because she never lets you leave the house looking basic!

The Funny Friend

This friend could roast not only you but the whole gang for sport. She is pretty essential to your squad just in case the haters want to try it. She will quickly let anyone have it. Without your funny friend, every event would probably be so intimidating because she knows how to lighten the atmosphere. 

mean-girls-16The Mean Friend

Unlike the funny friend, this girl can’t take a joke. You can attempt to roast her all you want to, she is coming for you if you even try. She tends to be super stylish with an attitude. You can actually take her out partying and not have to worry about her; she can hold her own. 

The Mom Friend

Even if she isn’t a parent, this girl is definitely like a second mom to you. She seems to carry absolutely everything you need in her purse. She has the best advice. She’s prepared to bust you out of tough situations. She’s a good listener. The one thing you love about her most is that she isn’t a regular mom, she’s a cool mom. You love her because when she points out flaws, it’s because she cares.

The YOLO Friend

Unlike the Mom friend, this girl gives the worst advice. The girl can be out of her mind and you tend to find yourself cleaning up her mess. She is super spontaneous so you always have the craziest stories to tell with her. She’s always down for an adventure and for that you love her.

The Weird Friend

Last but definitely not least, the friend with many shades of weird. She has levels to her weirdness. Some days you can chill with her and have deep conversation. Other days you are wondering how you even found this girl. She has a different sense of style than the rest of the pack, but somehow she fits in. We all have our quirks, she is a bit more open about hers and you love her for it.

Which friend are you?

lexannaLexanna Sims is a Life in a Pile contributor and Midwestern bookworm who can jam to everything on the radio.

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    July 26, 2016 at 1:19 pm

    loool im like the pretty friend but also the weird friend!! LOOOOOL LOVE THE LAYOUT

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