Your box too box-y.

We all know what a cardboard box is. Just some regular shit that we throw to the side when we’re done using it for the random shit in our rooms. Some people have their shoes in there cause they ran out of closet room. Whatever you use it for….the point is there’s nothing magical about the box.


So my friend sent me an article from yesterday & according to Common, aint shit cardboard about Erykah Badu’s box (Muva E adopted me, btw). All types of magical, persuasive, motivating, spiritual things in there. There’s no throwing that to the side cause truth is: niggas aint curbing magical box. Even when it’s over, he’s probably still thinking about it. That sex that can easily become more than sex cause she’s just so.damn.different. She was supposed to be a one night stand but damn now you telling her your dreams and shit. How you wanna own that business, make this much money, be better than your father, etc. Somewhere between the moans and the “oh…………..shit’s” you connected. It was a wrap from there. But relax, cause she knows you’re not regular either. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be listening to your dreams & if she really cold….you not even laying next to her if you regular. *emoji hand*

So this is what Common said (if you care):


 But never mind that. MOVING ON FROM COMMON & BADU. 

Now you feel like Badu set the bar high as shit & your box just might be leaning too much towards cardboard or you thinking, “damn, my girl pussy good but that shit aint magical.”

Girls: Just think about what you bring to the table besides your too box-y ass box. Are you comfortable being you? Don’t ever try to be what a nigga likes because 9/10 they don’t even know what they like or their standards are unrealistic. Be you, be different (dont ACT) & if that doesn’t work then it wasn’t supposed to.

Guys: Y’all not off the hook either. Y’all be boring as shit and when we tired of being the only funny one then it’s “she was boring.” Nigga do I look like a fucking clown to you? Im not here to entertain while you clap. If you’re then I’m funny. You’re boring. I’m boring after a while too. Now what’s left. Sex. But she said she don’t have casual sex so now what? whole thing fell off cause you was “tryna play it cool.” How you expect some magical shit when you bout as ordinary as an atlanta nigga without a haircut.




If you need a hint: You want your nigga to be talking like Dano, ladies. Not Wili. The point of this was to say: magical box don’t really have much to do with your box. Your sex gotta be above bad but you gotta be all around dope. Like my Muva, Badu. But niggas can’t get magical box being familiar, ordinary or whatever other antonyms of magical you need. Be magical to get magical.

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*Note: these tweets were not planned, they were a coinkidink. I don’t even know Danny Boy, but tell him to visit my blog if you do. 😉

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    July 11, 2014 at 4:04 pm

    Yeahhh, you #theone girl.

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      June 12, 2015 at 1:31 am

      Thank you!

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