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6 Ways You Can Get The Most Out Of Life

If someone told you that some people are just existing rather than living, it wouldn’t be the first time you heard that saying. There are people who do “everything right.” They get their diploma, get 1+ degrees then get…

Keys To Success

Let Your Dreams Become Your Nightmares

Fuck that, quit! It’s not what you wanted to do anyway. You’ve been molded into some shit you’ve never wanted to be. Your life is routine, safe, comfortable. Your life is predictable, planned, familiar. I get it, if you…

Keys To Success

The Year That Made Change A Bad Thing

Everyone on Twitter is tweeting their “here we go again” “you said that last year” “whatever, *rolls eyes*” tweets for the people who plan to make changes for 2015. You saw how the picture of the black girl stepping…


Twitpic It Or You’re Lying

It seems like any time you decide to get on these social networks, you have two choices: Twitpic it & prove it or shut your lying ass up. Everyone tweets, “Idgaf about nobody’s opinion” “only God can judge me” “You…