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Why I Never Sought Therapy After Surviving A Tragedy

I know exactly what you’re thinking: “here goes another one probably thinking God alone solves everything.” “Here goes another black woman who probably thinks all she need is the Lord.” “Here goes another woman too strong for her own…


You’re Not Ready If You’re Anxious

I know. Being single is an emotional roller coaster. One minute you’re happy that you have options, not tied down, learning more about yourself then the next minute you want to belong to someone, be in love, make love,…


In My Best K. Michelle Voice

First of all, get over your fucking self. Your relationships keep failing. You keep getting your heart broken. You keep going after the same situations. You keep feeling like shit at the end. Why does love keep preying on…


*Cries in Powerful Black Girl*

I’m a powerful girl and more importantly, I’m a powerful black girl. via @lifeinapile Click To Tweet We’re the most misunderstood people on the planet because everyone thinks we don’t need anything or anyone. We do. If anything, we…


Bae is short for ‘No One Loves Me’

Oh, you aint know that’s what he told his niggas? You not in a relationship so what else would it mean?  The girl version is: “bitchhhhh, he just something to do. Im not worried about that nigga.” Then he…